Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dueling Tombstones

I present to you tombstone "A":

And tombstone "B":

Which is wreckier? Tombstone A looks to be in the lead because of that giant cloud thing on the top, but wait! Tombstone B comes back with one important detail - it's missing the other person. That's right. The victim on Tombstone B is celebrating tons of precious memories.. with himself. We have a winner.


  1. It looks more like they are celebrating their precious memories of broccoli.

  2. Ummm...if I am reading the dates on "Tombstone A" correctly, it wins, since the people sharing the precious memories never actually met. Look closely!

  3. Oops, looked again, now I get it. I was reading side to side...

  4. Hey! That IS a broccoli tree! But why is one clump of "leaves" white while the rest are dark?

  5. I read it side to side at first too.

    Is that supposed to be a sun on the side? Seriously, just give into your second grade urges and draw the sun in the corner with the big, long, black sun rays dripping down line a spider web!