Monday, February 7, 2011


Tomb Wreck submissions have been on the low side these days.  It's like you don't want to wander around cemeteries in the freezing cold or something.

Don't worry, I have an archive of my own... somewhere.  While I work on that, here's an article from Dave B. with some pretty awesome tombstone photos.


  1. Awesome? Wild, more like. Public cemeteries around here have guidelines and restrictions stating what is and is not acceptable.

    None of those would be tolerated by the people who have to keep the cemetery year round.

    Of course, being covered in 2 feet of snow today would probably alleviate any 'distractions' of nearby mourners.


  2. WHOA! That lifesize replica of the deceased. GHASTLY!

  3. And I thought the ornaments for graves here in the US were wild!