Sunday, December 20, 2009

Damn the Man!

Okay, this wreck actually pisses me off. This man served our country and the government has the nerve to issue him a grave marker with a glaring typo in the date of death. It's not a piece of paper in a typewriter, it's a tombstone! You can't just carve over the wrong number with the right one! The Department of Veterans Affairs cranks out thousands of these things - you can't tell me they ran out of marble to make a new one. Freaking amazing.


  1. This actually happened to one of my relatives! First they tried to fill in the wrong number with GOLD filling. After many years, we were able to get a replacement.

  2. Shameful! Well, most of these are. But most of them are funny as hell. This isn't.

  3. I kind of imagine that the soldier was just glad he didn't die in'44, and would let it ride!

    Or, MIA and presumed dead, only shows up later in'94 to die on THE EXACT SAME DAY... creepy, no?

    I served 5 years in the Army. They do not surprise you anymore. At all.

  4. I'm a veteran that also works in decedent affairs at a VA medical center, and I know for a fact that they can easily replace them. The family needs to request a replacement and nothing less.