Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Your Pleasure

Thank you, Kate M., for these awesome tomb wrecks.

The first one features a wedding cake, which begs the question: Did this couple have a tombstone on their wedding cake?

As for the second wreck, I'd like to share Kate's views on the, um, sculpture:

"As for the cat, I choose to believe that the deceased was a cat lady who picked this out long before she died. She probably showed it to company, explaining, 'See, it's Mr. Miffles. He's looking for me in heaven.' The company sat there looking uncomfortable, while the real Mr. Miffles sat there licking himself."

Well said, Kate.


  1. maybe they died on their wedding day , they were both 18. Maybe they went to Niagra Falls and jumped?

  2. The dates and cake do raise a lot of questions. Perhaps the cake was poisoned?

  3. 1. The cake IS weird. Especially since both are roughly 80 now and neither of them are dead. What happens if one dies and the other re-marries? Will they add another date under the cake and another name and DOB under the new spouse? I mean, let's look at it this way, you spent your entire (or most of) your life with this person, do you really want to be tethered to them for eternity under a huge joint stone? I'm just saying...
    2. The cat is definitely different. I'm guessing it's something similar to the made up story by Kate. I assume the cat is supposed to be looking for its owner in "heaven" - I sure hope they were a good person or else kitty needs to be um, aimed down-LOL!? I wonder how long it will be before some careless caretaker runs into this thing with the lawnmower. My Grandmother's stone is flat like this and you are not even allowed to put anything on it or on the ground around it. They've chipped almost every edge of her stone already - it's only been 13 years.

  4. ohhh... it's a cat!
    Definitely looks like a sculptor wrecked a piece of two nudes canoodling, especially after the post title. Took me quite a long time to see the cat.