Friday, August 6, 2010


It's not often we see a tombstone that possibly illustrates the cause of death.

Beware of giant hammers, people. They are poised and ready to attack at any moment. Also they make a hilarious cartoon sound when they bonk you in the head.


  1. I guess this was the guy that invented the Mobius Strip tire for motorcycles.
    Must not have worked exactly as planned.
    The message left for the ages is to hammer out the details I suppose.

  2. Maybe he just really liked M. C. Hammer?

  3. Okay, I'll be the one to sing it --

    "Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer,
    Came down upon his head!
    Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer,
    Made sure that he was dead."

  4. Hey that could be the answer to the mystery hammers and the weird tire!
    MC Escher, MC Hammer. There must be a connection.
    "It's Hammer Tires, can't drive this"

  5. I've been told That's how they make sure the pope is dead, they wack him in the head with a silver hammer. thus the song.... I'm not a catholic so I can't really attest to this and I'm sure if it's true but it seems a little funny.