Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mine's Bigger

It's like driving a Porsche to make up for your lack of, um, size.

For all eternity.

UPDATE: I know, I know - there are tons of these out there that are larger. This one just stuck out because it's surrounded by much smaller markers. Why do you all have to be so observant?


  1. Bah! That doesn't look like it's more than 8-10 ft tall. Amateur hour around here, and quite common.

    One local cemetery has an obelisk that is over 100 ft tall. Sure the deceased is an ex-governor - but he commissioned the monument for himself before he died, and paid for it himself - instead of it being given by a grateful state or organization or even his family.

    I guess you could say he drives a porsche - with his stereo turned all the way up to "ear bleed".

    My friends and I call it TWS - Teeny Weeny Syndrome.

  2. we have several of these in our local cemetary, each bigger than the last...

  3. What's the big deal? We have these all over the cemeteries here.

  4. That's pretty small as obelisks go. Uh, I mean, I'm sure that's perfectly average.

    (But seriously, there's waaaaay better compensating-obelisks out there.)

  5. Is that the grave of a mason leader? Cuz we have one the town over like that, surrounded by teeny modest stones, but apparently the masons have to uphold their leader's 'honor' or