Thursday, October 29, 2009

James Taylor's Biggest Fan

Ah, yes, how sweet it is indeed.

Wait - what are we referring to here? Death? To be loved by you?

Oh, I know, how sweet it is to use that handy tube to shout orders at unsuspecting passers by. "I would like a cheeseburger!" "Bring me more glass pebbles!" Of course.


  1. Considering the age of the person "how sweet it is" is probably a reference to Jackie Gleason or to Brooklyn. There are real traffic signs (as opposed to graffiti) on the Brooklyn bridge which tell drivers that they are entering Brooklyn, have the "How Sweet It Is!" on them. One of Jackie Gleason phrases was "How sweet it is"

  2. Yep, I immediately thought "Gleason" as well.
    Yep, I'm old, and I'm going to have a trilon and perisphere on my stone just to make everyone wonder.

  3. If they are referencing t song, wouldn't that make them a Marvin Gaye fan?

  4. I think a more appropriate Gleason quote for a tombstone would be " . . . and away we go!"