Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Virgin Alarm

Apparently the Virgin Mary had to step out for a minute.

Starbucks run? (I'll bet her caramel macchiato is made with holy water.) Union mandated break? Or maybe she's hiding out in a local nativity scene, snickering, and texting Jesus that no one has noticed she's the "real" Mary.

Okay wreck fans, here's your chance to get in on the action: Where the hell is the Virgin Mary?

Comment and let us know, or Mary just might show up at your place, asking to crash on your couch, and the next thing you know the 12 disciples are totally raiding your fridge and hogging your ping pong table.


  1. Maybe she's at the IHOP taking orders?? "I need double on rye and side of fries!"

  2. This is the eschatological version of Where's Waldo. It must be a sign!

  3. She's just hangin' out on a piece of cheese toast. Or a broken tree heart. Or in the in way a cat scratched a couch. Either way, she has a following. Julie U

  4. As can be seen form the scorch marks on the stone around where "Mary" stood... along with the disembodied limb laying on the ground there... she was finally caught by the other elder gods and dragged back to her home dimension to retake her long vacant position appearing in peoples "cock a leekee" soups.