Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Triumphant Return

We're back! The phone company finally decided to flip a few switches so I could get online. Thanks to them, I spent 2 weeks watching TV for news and weather, walking my dogs extra since it was no longer cutting into my Words With Friends time, and reading ahead for all of my classes. Ridiculous!

Anyway, I've missed you all, and I look forward to getting back to business. The business of exercising my right to post stupid crap on the internet. Using sentence fragments.

Thank you, explorer0713, for this excellent WTF wreck. We can save the world! With art! And a black box!


  1. Yaaaaaaayyy!! You're back!!

  2. This must be an homage to the Doomsday Clock. It appears as if it has crept past midnight however. The victim possibly an atomic scientist?