Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For Your Eyes

This gentleman's last name is not Only. His last name appears below on the marker.

I'm suspicious. Either Edward didn't want an Anita - Craig situation, or someone else is buried here with Edward.

"What should this stone say?"
(shifts nervously) "It's Edward ONLY! I swear!"

Jen, perhaps you've found Hoffa.


  1. Are any of us sure that this isn't supposed to say "LONELY", instead of "ONLY"? Sometimes mithpellings happen. Y'know, sometimes.


  2. It may not be *his* last name, but it may be a family name and it's labeled that way because it's in a family plot. It's very common here for members of a large family to all be buried in one cemetery in a large plot with the family name at the top of the headstone and given and (different) last names below.