Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those Pesky Indians

Wow, Donna V., talk about politically incorrect!


  1. There's a headstone in my town from the 1800 that boasts about the buried man being an Indian killer.

  2. Wow is right! This is all very strange: the little hand pointing at INDIANS, the oddly modern font of INDIANS, and the chilling little poem at the bottom (hard to make out, but worth the squinting). What really gets me, though, is "age unknown". Couldn't they make a rough estimate so we know whether he/she was a child, teen or adult? What an amazing find.

  3. That's a freakin' creepy poem, and famous, I guess. I googled it and there are all kinds of variations on it.

    Remember man as you pass by
    As you are now so once was I
    As I am now you too must be
    Prepare for death and follow me

  4. OMG. The random capitalization, the inflammatory language, the "smiley" (I guess the engraver didn't have a rightward-pointing fist die stamp)-
    it's the first Usenet/BB/chatroom kook-troll post!

  5. Oh, please. Cleveland didn't even have a baseball team in 1789! And once they got one, being good enough to "massacre" someone was not too common a thing....

  6. Dave Barry had an ancestor who was a monument cutter...who knew.