Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Magic

Greetings, wreck fans! Thanksgiving break was awesome, but now it's back to business... or is it? I've been toying with an idea for Tomb Wrecks for the holidays. How would you feel about a few weeks of xmas decor wrecks*? Can you live for 3 weeks without tombstones? Comment and let me know.

Here's a wreck from Lindsay W. - it appears she had it gift wrapped for us.

*How fun will it be to hunt for bad/tacky/outrageous xmas light and decor displays!?


  1. I think I could handle it! *snort* Have a (kissing) ball!!

    As to the pictured tombwreck - nicely wrapped, but that must be one really skinny critter down under there. Kind of wondering just why they chose to frame the turf. ,-)

  2. Yeah! Holiday wreaks. Would love it. I say yes!!

  3. What is this a grave for, someone's pet snake?

  4. It's a memorial trough!

    As for X-Mas wrecks, that could be fun. I'm assuming you mean decor in cemeteries. We have an awful lot of Jewish cemeteries in my area, though, and they don't tend to be very festive.

  5. ohhhhhhhhh do it! That would be fabulous!

  6. Holiday wrecks would be awesome!