Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fine Fishin' Flair

I gotta hand it to the tombstone guy on this one - this is some fine flair.

The boat has a motor, seats, and a steering wheel. Holy hell.

We have motion lines above the boat, a clearly defined background, and we can see the hook on the fish.

The dude even has a little collar on his shirt. Color me impressed.


  1. But what is the other guy on the boat doing? Is he about to lose his balance and fall overboard? And the "motion line" extending from the fisherman's mouth makes it look like he is smoking an extra long..... cigarette.

  2. Is this the shared headstone of the two fishing buddies or is it the grave marker of the fish?

  3. But tell me: Are those birds or planes in the sky? Or maybe even disfigured day-bats?

  4. The ship's wheel is on the port side, but should be on the starboard.