Monday, February 15, 2010

I Got Rhythm

God must have one kick-ass band goin' on up there.

What do you think they call themselves?
The Divines?


  1. I just linked here from today's Cake Wrecks. I already really regretted not stopping for a photo of this, and now I regret it even more: I don't even remember where we were (somewhere between North Carolina and Pennsylvania), but my husband and I passed a graveyard that contained a HUGE motorcycle-shaped tomb stone. Not a picture of a motorcycle on a tomb stone, but the whole thing, shaped like a 2-D cutout of a Harley or something. It was insane. I asked him if he wanted his tomb stone to be in the shape of his suzuki, but he declined; I can't imagine why.

  2. "God needed another drummer?" Really? God wanted a 12-year-old drummer? I've never been comfortable with the message given at funerals that the reason that such a young person died was because God wanted it. That message always makes me feel that God is cruel.

  3. It's the cheeky little squirrels that bother me most about this wreck.

  4. Chris,
    It looks to me as if the stone is sitting on the tail of the one on the right, closest to the poinsettas.

  5. "The Divines"? How about the Grateful Dead?

  6. Yipes. Those guitar, drums, piano, horse designs were very fashionable in the '70s. I swear they all came from the same pattern book.

  7. As the Everly Brothers sang,
    "If there's a Rock 'n' Roll heaven,
    You know they've got a hell of a band.
    If there's a Rock 'n' Roll heaven,
    Then life is just a one-night stand ..."

  8. Whoops, turns out is was the Righteous Brothers, not the Everly Brothers. Can't keep those Brothers straight in my mind. I go the lyrics wrong, too:

    "If you believe in forever
    Then life is just a one-night stand
    If there's a rock and roll heaven
    Well you know they've got a hell of a band, band, band."