Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reeeeeeaaaallly Old

According to this tombstone, this lovely lady is still going strong at age 116.

Yeah, um, I think maybe she's buried elsewhere and just forgot she was listed on this one.


  1. There are lots of those in our local cemetery. Central Kansas is one of those places where, if there was a tragedy (like a family member dying young) a lot of the family moved on and never returned, even though they still own an entire family burial plot.

  2. Or she could actually still be alive. There are people who live to over 100 and don't go on the news.

  3. My great grandmother lived to be 107, born the year before this person. So it's possible this person is still alive somewhere.

    For some reason though on my great grandmother's tombstone, they didn't leave the deceased year entirely blank when they purchased the it; they had a '19' engraved. My great aunt believes she lived into 2000 out of spite.

  4. Yes, I expect she forgot. Dead people have such lousy memories.

  5. I have seen a lot of these. I assumed in most cases they bought a joint burial plot but after one partner died the other remarried and the idea of being buried with their first partner just seemed wrong.

  6. My great grandmother's is like Notabride's great-grandmother's w/ the 19 pre-carved. When I last visited the cemetery three years ago, "they" (whoever they are) still hadn't carved her d.o.d. into the stone, although she passed away in '01. That could be what's happening here too.

    Of course, I feel like when you outlast your husband by over 50 years, it's also possible to have remarried or moved on and may not be buried there at all. (even though my grandmother was)

    It would creep me out to be on the stone before I died.