Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Memory Of

Excellent work, wreckers. You've successfully made these tombstones appear as though the surviving family members are dead.

Discussion Questions:
1. Do you think the bird poop was specifically placed next to the bird flair to make some sort of artistic statement? Explain.
2. Who the hell is this "Susie"?
3. Did you notice that both tombstones were erected in 1996? So what?

*IN RESPONSE TO A BAJILLION COMMENTS* That's not a pentagram, it's the symbol for the Order of the Eastern Star.


  1. So the Sigil of Baphomet in the first one doesn't even get a nod? Come on, there's no way that's meant to be a Jewish star....

  2. I love how person born in 1919 has Satanic pentacle flair. Talk about oldschool.

  3. I'm especially fond of the inverted pentacle on the first one.

  4. Also priceless; the first one's star. That's the wrong way up, unless you're trying to imply something Satanistic!

  5. Of course, you've also got to wonder why there's a pentagram on a tombstone! Or is this something I'm not familiar with?

  6. This is hysterical!
    I care less about the pentacle than about the insane lack of proofreading. Honestly, did NOBODY realize how stupid these sound?! Does no one have a clue how to use prepositions?! Or were these tombstones made by the local night school English as a Second Language class?

  7. Wow, I'm guessing the family members didn't write that themselves, unless they are ESL students? Yikes! Aren't there posts on here about people taking credit for erecting the stones, don't these qualify?

  8. I think everyone has the right to have whatever they want on their tombstone.
    Just like the rest of us have the right to laugh at their choices.
    NOTE: a pentacle would be within a circle. Without the circle, it's a star (pentagram: means 5-pointed thing). Really. Just a star.