Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm skipping right over the "till we meet again (dot dot dot)" and the intriguing "devoted animal lover" inscription and going straight to the depiction of "love everlasting".

What's up with a gate that doesn't connect to anything on the other side? Seems pretty useless. Even if it did connect it's too short to reach. That's okay, tombstone guy, foreshortening can be tricky.

What I really can't figure out is where is the man's shadow? The crappy gate has one. The nice lady has one (well, she got half of one anyway).


  1. Perhaps it's the magical gate to heaven...and she and the gate have shadows because they are on the "other side" and he's not? was worth a shot anyway...

  2. What's creepy to me is that there is no death date for the husband, meaning he is still probably alive. So every time he visits his wife, he has to look at his own grave

  3. Maybe the guy's Peter Pan?
    I was going to say that ghosts don't have shadows, but he's apparently still mortal, so that won't work.

  4. "I love my students and my animals. My husband - ehh, not so much."

  5. "Animal lover": is that something like "a tigress in the sack"?