Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dueling Tombstones cont.

Tombstone A:

Tombstone B:

Everyone ready to play? Here we go.

I can spot 3 differences in the church images. Can you?

I should also mention that these tombstones are neighbors in the cemetery and don't share the same surname. I think someone is a copycat.


  1. Bizarre that though they were born in the same year, they died nearly 40 years apart. Tombstone B is definitely a copycat, or.. maybe they don't change the tombstone catalog very often.

  2. Well, on Tombstone A, the centres of all the flowers, including the one on the church window are the opposite colour of as the petals... On tombstone B, the wide end of the steeple top is wider than the "chimney" base going up to it and there's a little window on it, where A's just has a straight line... and on B, the clouds and hills seem to have a bit more detail than those on A - more squiggly lines in the hills, and a bit more definition to the 'puffs' on the clouds...

    Those the ones you got?

  3. I found one similarity. Both churches seem to be made for ants. I am basing this assumption on the scale of the flowers to the left. Of course the tree to the right tells a different story... I am just going to assume that is a clove of broccoli that the ants are dragging to their tiny church social luncheon.