Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And Then

The tombstone guy was in such a hurry* that he abbreviated the word "and".
I'm sure this "husband upside-down 4 father" really appreciates his h&y work.

*Wings concert?


  1. That is just unreal. I often wonder what the family (you know, people paying for it) thinks of these sort of things? Although, maybe they were baked and didn't notice? How could you not?

  2. I think I've actually seen that 'and' sign before...but, yeah, definitely not professional.

  3. I kind of took this to a creepier level accidentally. Instead of the normal "Beloved Husband & Father" you normally see (that means one person is a husband AND a father), I read it as Husband and Father... as in, she put HER husband and HER father in the same grave, not that the one man played both roles. Creepy enough that the upside down 4 just pales in comparison on the wrecky scale.