Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tweety Done Wrong

What we have here is the rarely seen eternal copyright infringement stone.

I wanted to know why Tweety's head was so squished (putty tat?), so I did a little Google image search and found this:

That's right, with all the correctly proportioned images of Tweety out there to "borrow", these wreckers chose the one coloring page file that has been incorrectly scaled and stretched.  I guess they really wanted this image of Tweety hunting vampires (vampiwahs?).


  1. What we have here is a "people who live in glass houses" moment. If you're going to make fun of others (who richly deserve it, I agree) you'd better make sure you proofread!

  2. Thanks for helping me out here, Naomi. I hear ya! Ah, irony.

    The good news is that my posts aren't carved in stone. Also this made me laugh for like 5 minutes.