Monday, May 10, 2010

Flair Overload

These folks took one look at the flair catalog and said, "Yes."

Check out the creepy solar powered light. You're welcome, Sabrina P.


  1. Wow, that is sure a lot of flair.So, since the house and hammer are on the wife's side, does that mean SHE built the house?? Those solar lights are so creepy, I mean, what is the purpose of them? Here in IL you are not allowed to walk around in the cemetaries at night, so it must be to guide the zombies and vampires back to their correct tomb before daylight.

  2. Whoa! Gravestone or carnival attraction? Haha good work as always. Love the site!

  3. Sadly, those solar powered lights are becoming increasingly popular around here - even though cemeteries are closed and locked at night. I can't decide if they think the grave needs to be lit out of sheer delusion of the person's importance in the world or a complete lack of acceptance over the death. This is actually pretty modest in the lighting department compared to the ones around here - especially the one I saw last summer with over 30 of those things surrounding it. Yes, I counted and was increasingly more horrified. But the lights were only the beginning of the wreckage.

    I have to drive out there and get a photo to donate. The wreckage is truly supreme.

    I do actually like the ivy top border on this one, but being a normal person, I would have left it at that.