Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh Baby

Folks, this tombstone is ginormous. Like so big I'm pretty confident I could park my car on it.

And what's with the exceptional detail? No name, no flowers, no flair, just vast amounts of concrete.

Perhaps this is for a baby elephant. Perhaps someone mixed up way too much concrete and didn't want it to go to waste. Perhaps that tree is going to eventually win this battle.


  1. I think they were afraid that baby was going to get up again and come after them for forgetting to bury Teddy with him. Can't sleep without Teddy.

  2. this actually kinda depresses me. I mean, the poor thing died in 1919, so it probably didn't have a name yet. bummer.

    but yes, the size of the tombstone is bizarre, I totally agree with that one.

  3. Maybe someone buried a family pet...or, like, a racehorse that made them a crapload of moolah there. Ya never know. And, thanks to the lack of any inscription on the stone ("Here lies Baby, our beloved equine money-maker", for example - God knows there's enough room there) we'll never know. Bastidges.

  4. Hmm... that looks big enough that they might have just cast the body in there, if it is concrete. Economical? Didn't feel like digging?