Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wascally Wabbit

Let's walk through this together, shall we?

Woman has pet rabbit.
Rabbit meets his demise.
Woman has her own tombstone made and adds the rabbit.
Rabbit is buried at woman's gravesite.

Correct me if I'm wrong*, but won't the rabbit's remains be, um, disturbed when they eventually have to bury the woman?

Thank you, WMD, for this lesson in how little zombie bunnies are made.

*I'm sure you will.


  1. Surely the bunny was buried to the side or something? I personally prefer the back yard grave site for pets myself. My son made little concrete name plaques for each hammy or bun, and we visit them often this way. Not as permanent as the above memorial of course...

  2. The woman is still alive? What if she gets another beloved pet? Maybe her love for Smootie the Guinea Pig will totally eclipse the rabbit love, but sorry, the tombstone is full.

  3. I've sent this on to my sweet baby cousins (12 and 14- I'm not THAT cruel!) and will perpetuate the idea of little zombie bunnies each time we walk past the local cemetary!

  4. Maybe the bunny was cremated. I'll bet it made him mad, too. Surely you've heard of hot, cross bunnies?

  5. What he said.

    But I have to tell you that when I first looked at the little figure on the left I thought I was looking at an Elmer Fudd doll.

    My eyesight is so bad I couldn't really see what it was until I enlarged it.

  6. So what does the back of the marker say?

    Fluffy 1975-1981
    Snowball 1981-1982
    Hop-a-Long 1982-1986
    Chet 1986-1990

  7. My husband plans on having our dog cremated and her urn put in his coffin with him. (the dog will most likely predecease him by, like, 50 years, so until then I guess the urn will just be in the closet or something.)