Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm all for xmas lights - but a little thought and a little care (and some extension cords) go a long way.
This is a net light no-no. Just because you can throw it on a bush and it sticks does not mean it looks good. And by the way - we can't see the top of the bush, just the front and the sides.
Strings of lights are not extension cords. If you have to do this, at least make some sort of attempt to shove the lights down in the mulch.
It's not Halloween, people. And half of that string is out. Either shake the hell out of them to make them come back on or start using them as the sad spare bulb string.
Rimpy R. has found the ultimate in poor planning. No extension cords? No problem! And why bother with the sides? Or the trees? Or the windows?


  1. Does the first one remind anyone else of a rainbow clown wig?