Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stretchy Santa

Wow, Santa! That is a cool trick! I had no idea you could dive head first into one chimney and pop out of another. Maybe chimneys have some sort of stargate element* that allows this to happen.

*Attention nerds: go for it. Explain it to us. But please use words like "ZPM" and "replicator" and "mistletoe".


  1. Here's how it happened. We all know (I assume) that a power surge can cause a wormhole to jump to a second gate on a planet, and that travelling through a solar flare can cause time travel. So it would appear that the nonchalant snowman caused a power surge at the first gate (with a ZPM, quite possibly) at the exact moment that the wormhole passed through a solar flare (indicated here by a neglected flashlight on the ground). All of this resulted in Santa travelling to the second gate five seconds before he left the first one. And straight into the arms of a concerned reindeer. Who may or may not be a Goa'uld, as everything BUT his eyes are glowing.
    There. My shining moment of nerd-dom.

  2. What I want to know is, why is the chimney on the lawn? Are we sure it's a chimney? Perhaps this is another point to further prove the interdimensional portal theory.

    Or, maybe it's just a well.