Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Book of What?

Oh, wreck, how I love thee. Let us count the ways...

1. Bible verses are a lovely addition to any tombstone, and especially popular are passages from the book of Joan. Wait, JOAN?!!

2. Let's be honest. This thing looks like it's been carved out of bologna.

3. Jesus is sans cross and instead is 'nailed' directly into the delicious lunchmeat, which apparently isn't strong enough to hold his weight giving us the never before seen "Leaning Tower of Jesus".

4. In a cunning attempt to correct the John/Joan issue, the top of the "A" in Joan has been "whited out" with paint.

Freaking brilliant.


  1. My tombstone has a first name, its O..S..C..A..R....
    My tombstone has a second name, its M..A..Y..E..R
    Oh, I lie beneath it everyday,
    And if you ask me why I'll say. . .
    'Cuz Oscar Mayer has a way. . .
    Of holding down my soul today!

  2. I think Joan was his wife.

  3. I like how the dates look like an imprint from a digital camera.

  4. My husband just said "I think the person who made this was blind", I have to agree!

  5. Husband says Jesus looks like a bug on a windshield. Poor Jesus.

  6. Elizabeth,
    I think the dates look like lottery numbers. I like to imagine that the deceased won a free monument in the "Lotto Pick 6."

  7. My mouth hurts from laughing and Jesus looks kind of like a model lying on a heart-shaped bed.

  8. When I read Jason's comment up there. I had to laugh, omg that's funny.