Monday, November 16, 2009

Spaced Out

Damn. I have to put in this "y" but the "k" is just so swoopy and pokey outey at the bottom.

{scratching head}

Guess I'll just put a huge space between them and hope that people focus on the guitar.


  1. If one is born at the top of the world, would that be Mt. Everest or the North Pole?

  2. According to the wreck, it's located in North Carolina, but I like to think they meant the North Pole. I also like to think that Santa Claus was there passing out bubble gum cigars.

  3. It says "FLY TO JESUS AND LIVE THE UNTITLED HYMN" and you think the spacing is the funniest part! lol! That "Y" is probably the classiest part of the whole thing!

  4. Maybe it is spanglish for Buck & *name-on-tombstone*.

  5. At least there's a somewhat-rational explanation for the space between the "Buck" and the "y", but what's up with the huge space between the "N" and the "C" that stand for "North Carolina"?

    I have one word for the guy who did the lettering on this tombstone: kerning. Look it up, buddy.