Sunday, November 8, 2009

Get Schooled

Okay class, who can tell me whats wrong with this tombstone? Whats missing?
If you answered "what{insert apostrophe}s" you are correct! If not, then I can't wait to see what your tombstone looks like.


  1. seems to me that there are TWO apostrophes missing. 'TWILL is short for IT WILL, therefore, needing an apostrophe for the missing letter. *geez*

  2. Oh, I thought they meant the fabric! :-)

    Hmmmm . . . fabric . . .

    "Only when done for Christ tulle last."


    "Only when done for Christ cotton duck last."

    "Only when done for Christ satin last." No, too close to Satan.

    "Only when done for Christ chenille last."

    "Only when done for Christ taffeta last."

    Just can't decide.