Friday, November 13, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

Since when do angels need balloons to fly!? I kind of thought that's where those wings would kick in.

Oh, and check out the angle of the balloons in comparison to the angel. Go ahead, I'll wait.

{magazine pages flipping}

Did you see!? If everything we're seeing here is accurate, then we are definitely looking at an angel crawling on the ground holding balloons that have just enough helium left to float them about 2 feet off the floor.


  1. school is not a prereq for jobs listed under Tombstone Engraver.

  2. Oh if only it were.. then we'd have a bunch of rouge engravers doing what they called "abstractions" and "interpretations" of what was ordered, and we'd have tomb wrecks as far as the eye could see.

  3. No, you've got it all wrong. Those wings are there so angels can catch those helium balloons that float away. They're the guardian angels for sea turtles and other things that choke on those balloons.

  4. If that kid from Colorado, with the attention whore/reality show parents, ever dies...this is his tombstone.