Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When Ninjas Attack

This is a perfectly nice tombstone.


Who the hell is Leon?

His name just snuck in there at the top. In a totally different lettering style. I assure you the victim's last name is nothing close to "Leon".

Maybe he made the stone and felt it necessary to sign his work. Maybe he paid for the stone.

I think maybe he's a ninja.


  1. leon is def a traditional ninja name...

  2. I still think it's kind of wrecktastic that there's no explanation, but if you'll allow me to provide one: it's very possible that this is an instance where the lady died pregnant and someone named the fetus. I only say this because I have a relative with this sort of inscription on her tombstone.

  3. this would be a prefect place to put a ninjerktsu link! I got their link from cakewrecks also. www.ninjerktsu.blogspot.com

  4. I thought the same thing Chris did.