Thursday, November 19, 2009


Looking at this wreck is like staring directly at the sun - the wreckiness is almost blinding.

Let's start with the "worlds greatest father". We're definitely missing an apostrophe. And the quotes make us wonder... are they serious? Or is it {major hand gesture air quotes} "world's greatest father" haha yeah right?

Now let's discuss "Chicago Bulls Fan". Really!? Since we're obviously going for classy, why not go one step further and just stuff a giant foam finger into that empty vase thingy?

What about the completely different fonts? And what's up with the metal part glued to the stone part? Oh damn it's burning my retinas!! LOOK AWAY!!!


  1. Okay, am I the only one noticing the, um, oddly shaped shadow on this one? Or have I just been reading Cake Wrecks too long?

  2. Well, there IS a ball on the stone...